Walking Diary 1998

Sunday 24th May 1998

Local Sunday Wetherby, Harewood, Kirby Overblow, Spofforth Loop

Walkers: Colin, Alan E

Distance: 17Mls Weather: Sunny

Saturday 30th May 1998

Ilton (Nr Masham) to Lofthouse and return - Figure of eight route

Walkers: Ron (Leader), Alan J, Cliff, Colin, Alan E

Distance: 19Mls Weather: Warm, but overcast

Saturday 4th July 1998

Brad's Walk - Ackworth, Wentbridge, Kirk Smeaton (Pub Stop), Ackworth

Walkers: Brad (Leader), Alan J, John the Train, Colin, Alan E

Distance: 16Mls Weather: Sunny and warm

Saturday 18th July 1998

Ron's Walk: Reverse Kilburn Loop - Rievaulx Abbey, Sutton Bank, Kilburn

Walkers: Ron (Leader), Alan J, Colin, Neil, Alan E

Distance: 16Mls Weather: Rainy and Windy

Saturday 12th September 1998

Ron's Walk: Buckden, Yockenthwaite, Beckermonds, Halton Gill, Litton (Lunch Stop), Arncliffe, Starbotton & Buckden.

Walkers: Ron (Leader), Cliff & Alan E

Distance: 19Mls Weather: Morning sunny, but showers during the afternoon

Saturday 9th October 1998

Ron's Walk: Bawith House, Stockbeck Moor, Carlsmoor, Dallow Gill, Dallow, Black Hill, Eavestone Lake, Grantley (Lunch Stop), Belford & Bagwithwith House

Walkers: Ron (Leader), Alan J, Cliff & Alan E

Distance: 15Mls Weather: Warm & Sunny all day

Saturday 24th October 1998


Walkers: Approximately 20 starters, but only 5 finishers!

Distance: 18Mls Weather: Rain, Gales all day

Saturday 31st October 1998


Walkers: Alan J, Ron, Colin, Neil & Alan E

Distance: 18Mls Weather: Sunny & Calm all day

See the "Newtondale Trail Page" for photos

Monday 28th December 1998


Total Number of Walkers: 17

Distance: 12Mls Weather: Overcast and very muddy

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