Walking Diary 2022


COVERBRIDGE WALK - Saturday 21st May

The walkers arrived at the sensible hour
of 9:30 and prepared for their first
proper walk since 2020.




Leaving and following the River Cover they proved their
lack of fear by posing on the dangerous stepping stones

Only a few complaints were heard when the route took them up their first hill

The walkers were seen gazing at
the mighty Middleham Castle



At precisely 11am the walkers sat and
demanded pork pies before going any further

Much to the obvious relief of the walkers, individually wrapped pork pies were handed out by Dick and thoroughly enjoyed by all.


Numerous dangerous bridges were negotiated by the brave walkers on their carefully chosen route

The walkers were humbled to see a Lancaster bomber and Spitfire perform a flypast in honour of their return to regular walking!!!

The last two bridges were quickly negotiated before the walkers were ready to enter the Cover Bridge Inn and celebrate the recommencement of regular walking

The walkers initially dined outside, before transferring indoors to maintain body heat

ChipAdvisor:          Quality and quantity good and served well, with appropriate condiments

Ale score:            
  No complaints from those that enjoyed Timothy Taylors and Black Sheep, although some were unhappy to consume alcohol free drinks!!

Walkers:               Colin (leader), Tom, Dick, Paul, Alan and guest Bruce (Paul's brother)

Weather:              A slightly cold and breezy day, but acceptable

WEST SCRAFTON WALK - Thursday 16th June

Six walkers arrived at the new
hour of 9:30 and discussed stories
of many long lost bridges.




With Tom in charge of the route, the
walkers remained especially confident
that they would not get lost

Much to the obvious pleasure of Tom, the bridges came quick and fast

Little time was wasted by the walkers in securing quantities of ale at the Foresters Arms in Carlton.


The walkers were pleased to see the arrival of Cliff for lunch

The walkers were disappointed by the quality of the chips served at the Foresters Arms and awarded a score of just 2 chips!!   The selection of ales was also barely adequate.


As can be seen, Alan risked extreme danger to obtain action shots of some of the bridges


ChipAdvisor:         2 medium bowls of slightly undercooked chips - rather disappointing

Ale score:            
  Poor selection - only three ales were available

Walkers:              Tom (leader), Colin, John, Paul, Alan and guest Bruce  + Cliff for the lunch stop

Weather:              A hot and sunny day

WEST BURTON WALK - Thursday 21st July

Six walkers arrived at the green
in West Burton in anticipation
of Paul's hilly walk.




Due the extreme inherent danger, 
the authorities took great interest
in the progress of the walkers
with two early fly passes

Quality bridges were meticulously recorded by the walkers, as they followed Paul's fully documented route

As the walk progressed, fatigue set in and the walkers grabbed any opportunity to rest



The walkers had a early glimpse at The Street Head Inn in Newbiggin as they descended from Cowstone Gill.   However, the walkers quickly negotiated the downhill route to arrive at their chosen hostelry for ale and chips.

ChipAdvisor:         3 large bowls of excellent quality chips

Ale score:            
  Timothy Taylors Landlord and Theakstons ales.

Walkers:              Paul (leader), Colin, John, Tom, Alan and Bruce  + Cliff & Dick joined for the lunch stop   (Cliff joined us for the return to the cars)

Weather:              A warm and pleasant walking day

TOM's BBQ WALK - Thursday 18th August

Six walkers arrived on the green in Little Crakehall at a sensible hour of 10:00 ready for the walk to Tunstall to seek out the infamous 'Hornby Castle' enroute.


Tom dropped Alan off and returned to carry out vital preparation work for the BBQ

The walkers were quick to locate a bridge at the start of the walk, but failed to find any more, due to their immense concentration in seeking out the infamous 'Hornby Castle', which was known to be the former seat of the Osborne Family.

Their efforts paid off when after changing their planned route, to gain extra height, they were able to catch a glimpse of 'Hornby Castle', which had been carefully hidden by the locals behind a row of houses.


Much discussion ensued as to the nature of the weathervane, which later could be seen to be a fox.

BBQ:                      To Tom's normal high standards

Ale score:            
  4 Mini Barrels (5Lts) of Theakstons XB.

Walkers:              Tom, Paul, Colin, John, Alan and Bruce  +  Ed joined us for the BBQ & Ale

Weather:              An overcast, but warm walking day

HACKFALL WOODS WALK - Thursday 15th September

Five eager walkers arrived at the Hackfall Woods car park between Ripon and Masham in anticipation of an excellent walk.


Paul's claim of a legitimate bridge was dismissed by the others as obviously not meeting the published criteria.

Other bridges were permitted by the walk leader (Bruce)

The walkers were proud to have accurately located the Fishers Hall Folly, together with the Mowbray Point Ruin, seen hiding amongst the trees.


The walkers stopped adjacent to Hackfall Hall to study their charts, but instinctively knew they would not become lost.

Due to their incredible progress, the walkers found themselves in Grewelthorpe before the Crown Inn had opened, but sat patiently waiting for them to serve them.


The walkers enjoyed excellent chips with their ale and were later joined by Clifford and Audrey.


Just a couple of bridges followed after lunch, before the walks returned to their cars after yet another successful walk.



ChipAdvisor:         5 individual bowls of excellent quality chips

Ale score:            
  Mainly Black Sheep ales (Slightly past their best).

Walkers:              Bruce (leader), Paul, Colin, Tom & Alan    + Cliff & Audrey joined for the lunch stop)

Weather:              A warm and pleasant walking day

BIRSTWITH WALK - Thursday 20th October

Five walkers arrived in 3 electric cars at the Ripley Castle car park on a rather wet and dismal day.   After deciphering the method of paying for the parking on-line, the walkers set off towards the River Nidd.

Walking across the old road bridge, with the new behind, they left the safety of Ripley into areas unknown.



The route became more difficult, but they were relieved to find several well constructed bridges to comfort them.



They stopped briefly in the porch of Hampsthwaite Church, where most enjoyed Pork Pie and Mars Bar Crispies.  

They also learnt about the connection of the church with Thomas a Becket (1118-1170) who was the son of a rich Norman merchant.  He was appointed Chancellor of England by Henry II (1154-1189), who was increasingly concerned about the power which the church was exerting in the running of the country. Thus it came about that he made one of his knights - Hugh de Morville - Constable of Knaresborough and its castle.

Eventually they arrived at Birstwith Mill, where they learnt that the corn and cotton mill was taken over by the Wood family in the mid 19th century. Cotton spinning later ceased, but flour production continued under F T Wood and Sons. The firm later became part of Spillers and the mill now belongs to Kerry Ingredients. The mill was powered by waterwheel until 1886 and by water turbine from 1886 to 1970

A local village lady took this photo of the whole group and directed them to the Station Hotel


They quickly made themselves at home in the Station Hotel and ordered soup to accompany their chips, except Tom who enjoyed a full portion of fresh Fish and Chips.


After leaving the Station Hotel, they eventually entered the Ripley Estate and made their way back to their cars, whilst admiring the vast waterways, waterfalls and lakes of the estate.


The walkers were relieved to get back to their cars and dry off after a very wet walk.


ChipAdvisor:         individual metal pots of fat chips, together with an excellent soup

Ale score:            
  Mainly Black Sheep ale.

Walkers:              Alan (leader), Paul, Bruce, Colin & Tom

Weather:              A very wet and muddy walking day, with near constant rain.

AYSGARTH WALK - Thursday 17th November

Just 4 walkers arrived at the start point in the Aysgarth Falls visitors centre car park in the pouring rain.    Ed delivered Pork Pies and the master route and they set off in a North Westerly direction using Ed's carefully planned route.   Slight changes were made as it was considered that the route by the river would be excessively muddy.

The walkers were unsure as to whether an entrance to old mine workings qualified as a bridge, but claimed this a successful find.



More evidence of waterfalls and mine workings were discovered, but the walkers chose not to investigate them further.

The walkers stopped for their statutory Pork Pie stop, but it was noted that only Alan partook, choosing to eat healthy fruit instead.  However, they all succumbed to Mars Bar Crispies.



The walkers were relieved to arrive at The Wheatsheaf Inn in Carperby, where they were able to dry out in front of fire, enjoying ale with separate portions of chips later.   Cliff joined the walkers later for a final pint. 


The walker traditionally posed for a small gropu photo on a makeshift bridge, before continuing the short distance back to Aysgarth Fall visitors car park, wher Alan departed, leaving the others to walk the short distance back to their homes..

ChipAdvisor:         individual metal pots of chips, well cooked

Ale score:            
  Mainly Black Sheep ale.

Walkers:             Ed (Leader in absence due to covid),  Alan, Bruce, Colin & John

Weather:              Another very wet and muddy walking day, with near constant rain!!

WENSLEY WALK - Thursday 8th December

Four Walkers arrived at the layby on the southern side of Wensley Bridge ready for a walk in verycold but dry conditions.

Ed discussed options for an alternative route with the leader of the day (John).



The splendours of Wensley Bridge were admired as the walkers set off along the riverside pathway towards Lords Bridge

The walkers stopped to admire a home made bridge, but doubted whether it would be able to stand the weight of 2 people.

Ed stopped on Lords Bridge to wonder at the views of Bolton Hall and the River Ure.
The walkers admired the way that Paul negotiated a stile in a record time

In accordance with their plan, the walkers converged at 'The Fox' in West Witton, where they were seen feasting on Chips, Black Sheep and Theakstons Ales.  Clifford was welcomed by the group and much banter was exchanged.
On their way back to Wensley, the walkers stopped at Lords Bridge for another iconic bridge photo.

ChipAdvisor:         individual metal pots of chips, well cooked, but poor value formoney

Ale score:         
  Black Sheep and Theakstons ales.

Walkers:            John (Leader), Alan, Paul & Ed

Weather:            Very cold, crisp clear day with hard frozen ground

CHRISTMAS WALK - Friday 30th December

Six walkers arrived at the Cover Bridge Inn car park ready for a 9:45 departure on their traditional Christmas walk.  Tom chose the shorter route due to his football injuries and Michael kept him company.  The remainder set off following the river, across the fields to pass Middleham Castle and up to the Gallops.

The walkers were anxious to start their walk after choosing their preferred route.



The walkers stopped at Hullo Bridge for a photo opportunity, before continuing to East Witton then following the road back to the Cover Bridge Inn

The walkers were allocated a private side room for their Christmas festivities, enjoying Timothy Taylors and Theakstons ales with their chips or full lunches.


ChipAdvisor:           individual metal pots of chips, well cooked

Ale score:           
  Mainly Timothy Taylors and Theakstons ales.

Walkers:              Paul, Alan, Bruce, Colin, Tom & Michael

Weather:              Another wet and muddy walking day

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