Walking Diary 2020


REETH WALK - Saturday 18th January

Seven Walkers arrived at the car park in the centre of Reeth and whilst the day started with a temperature low of 3 deg C and didn’t move much above that for the rest of the walk, it turned out to be a glorious sunny day.

Excellent sausage and bacon sandwiches were provided by Dick, although it was suspected that there was significant input from Jean.

Walking north out of Reeth, there was a gentle incline on the Arkegarthdale Road for a kilometre before turning westward on the farm track just above Riddings Farm.  The 150 feet climb out of Reeth exposed them to fresh breezes that prevented the temperature to rise.

   The compensation was wonderful views of Swaledale

Barely two hours into the walk, Paul’s was getting twitchy because there are no bridges.  He wandered off alone, searching desperately. 

 As others followed, he led them to Cringley Bottom where, not only was there no bridge, but the water level of the stream leading to Old Gang Beck was a torrent.  Walking the water’s edge was challenging as months of rainfall had rendered the steep bank fractured from earth movement, but the walkers survived.

Suddenly the steep sides lessened to provide an appropriate location for pie consumption – supplied courtesy of Kevin.

After the break, the walkers were able to pick up the footpath, through the woods above Barney Beck, heading towards Healaugh. 

By now, Paul was beside himself.  Over three hours walking, 45 minutes behind schedule, and still no bridge!!


From Healaugh, down towards the River Swale, they carefully negotiated the path to the newly erected (give or take 10years) suspension bridge . . .  at last!!!

Much to the delight of Paul, THREE bridges were passed in quick succession before the planned pub stop, but he remained excited, as he knew there were two more big ones on the route back to Reeth.

The walkers arrived at the Bridge Inn, Grinton, at 13:15, which was only 32 minutes later than planned.   Discussions on astro-physics, the thread that links complex formula together, and - Is there speed greater than that of light?  kept the walkers glued to their seats.

Paul, remained in a state of great excitement as the bigger bridges came into view and naturally they stopped to pose for group photos to commemorate the event.

As the walkers headed back to their cars in Reeth, Paul's mood became solemn, as the reality set in that there were no more bridges to be crossed!


ChipAdvisor:          Quality OK, quantity poor, which represented poor value for money

Ale score:            
  No complaints from those that enjoyed Theakstons Best Bitter and Jennings Cumberland Ale.

Walkers:                Ed (leader . . . . well he tried to lead!), Tom, Dick, Paul, Kevin, Colin and John.

Weather:               Beautiful crisp sunny winter’s day.  Temperatures between 3 and 7 degrees.

THORALBY WALK - Saturday 21st March

Despite the worldwide germ warfare attack, two brave walkers set off from Thoralby and Aysgarth to ascend the heights of Bishopdale.  The statutory 2 metres apart!!

As the numbers were severely depleted, two guest wakers joined the intrepid duo. 

Welcome Floss and Gus.

Perfectly behaved under total control from their expert owners



The guest walkers enjoyed
the views back in Wensleydale

Despite the pub ban, the walkers negotiated a take away pint therefore conforming to government guidelines.   Don't tell Boris!!!


6.4miles in total and it even included a pie from Hartles of West Burton

Walkers:          Paul and Simon, plus guests Floss & Gus


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