Walking Diary 2018


COVERBRIDGE WALK - Saturday 17th February

All the walkers and guests gathered by 'The Cross' in Middleham, for a belated Christmas walk to the Cover Bridge Inn, via a new route.  Cliff shared his excellent bacon & egg butties, before the walkers set off in the direction of the castle, before turning to head up towards the gallops.

The first walkers arrive eagerly waiting for Cliff to share out his nourishing Egg & Bacon butties.  Ed delivered walkers to the starting point, but because of injuries, vowed to return to the Cover Bridge Inn for lunch.

As the walkers leave the Middleham 'Gallops' they realise that the success of their mission relies on finding bridges as quickly as possible

It is not long before their patience is rewarded with many high quality bridges 

as well as some questionable LOW quality bridges!!

The traditional pork pie stop was accomplished without the benefit of any Pork Pie!!!    The walkers knew that they would have to wait until their arrival at the Cover Bridge Inn, where Cliff's special Pork and Game Pie would be awaiting them.

As the walkers passed East Witton, they knew that arriving safely at the Cover Bridge Inn was within their grasp.

After consuming Cliff's award winning Pork and Game pie, served with lashings of high quality chips, the walkers settled in to consume quanties of Timothy Taylors Landlord ale, together with other brews.


Chip Score:     Two generous bowls of high quality chips.

Pie Score:     A variety of differently sized pies in addition to the main pie, which had been neatly sliced by the staff

Weather:     Damp and wet conditions

Walkers:     Cliff, Paul, Tom, Michael, John, Andy, Colin, Alan and Simon, plus guests.   (Ed at the start and finish only)


CARLTON WALK - Saturday 7th April

Just six walkers gathered at Paul's house in anticipation of a difficult and treacherous walk in the appalling weather conditions.   Once they had prepared themselves for the bad weather, they were invited to John's kitchen next door, where Lynn was serving freshly prepared sausage and egg butties to an exceptional standard.  The walkers were most impressed!!    

The walkers headed downhill towards West Burton stopping only briefly to record the first bridge on their mission.

The second bridge was greatly appreciated by the walkers.

The uphill sections of the walk quickly kicked in, as they tackled first Morpeth Gate and then the torturous track by Morpeth Scar.

Eventually the roadway flattened as they continued to circumvent  Penhill.  They took an opportunity to grab a Pork Pie stop by the catttle grid, before leaving the road to head across Melmerby Moor in the driving rain.


A heated debate was overheard, as the walkers tried to decide whether the object seen here could be considered a bridge.  Although it had the appearance of a bridge, no water could be seen underneath.

The walkers agreed to refer the matter to Cliff for a final judgement.


The pain from Dick's hip can be seen on his face as they reach to highest point of the moor.  The treacherous conditions necessitated a slight change in route, as Paul wisely selected the direct route to their planned lunchtime stop in Carlton.
Their incredible performance resulted in the walkers arriving at 'The Foresters Arms' in Carlton ahead of their scheduled time, but the delay was minimal and they were soon enjoying foaming pints of Timothy Taylors Landlord, with bowls of skinny chips.

However, they were all acutely aware that the most difficult section of the walk across Carlton Moor lay ahead of them!!   They drank their beer with small sips!!


DISASTER STRUCK ALMOST IMMEDIATELY ON LEAVING CARLTON when Paul declared himself unfit to continue, with an injured knee.  He returned to be collected in the village.   Leadership was transferred to Colin!!

Quickly the track onto Carlton Moor disappeared and the unchartered route across, was navigated proficiently by Colin at the front, clutching Paul's laminated map.

The walkers became restless as there appeared to be no end to their torture.
Would they every see Coverdale again?
Was Colin leading them in the right direction?


when over the final hill, misty views of Coverdale came before them.  Quickly the walkers pointed out familiar landmarks to their obvious relief.  Colin was congratulated on a splendid piece of navigation.

The decent into Coverdale proved no easier even for the skilled walkers, but they soon reached the safety of Whiterow Road and elected to walk back to Paul's house rather than call for a lift.   A right turn was made heading for West Burton.

The walkers passed the Fox and Hounds in West Burton looking for the start of the track towards Paul and John's houses, which was efficiently found.

As their houses came into view, they knew that success was within their grasp.  The Yorkshire Dales had again failed to beat the walkers!!!


Chip Score:    Two generous bowls of tasty, but rather thin skinny chips (McD fries standard).

Beer Score:     Although Timothy Taylor was on offer, the Black Sheep was to a poor standard.  Alan enjoyed the Theakstons, mainly due to his quantity restrictions.

Weather:     Very wet and rainy conditions

Walkers:     Paul, John, Colin, Alan, with trainees Dick and Kevin


LEYBURN WALK - 7th July 2018

Five walkers met in Leyburn for steady walk  in very hot conditions.

The walkers left on a steady walk from Leyburn via the shawl, Preston village, crossing Lords bridge to Wensley.  However, they took a one wrong path

The walkers stopped for a group picture with excellent views over Wensleydale

Nourshishing chips were enjoyed, as the walkers pondered on an excellent walk, but with no bridges.

Chip Score:    Individual bowls of homemade chips.

Weather:     Very hot and dry conditions

Walkers:     Cliff, Paul, Colin, Kevin, John and Andy 

THWAITE WALK - 19th August 2018

Seven walkers met at the layby, just outside Thwaite, in rather damp conditions.   Cliff's Bacon & Egg butties were greatly appreciated.

Within yards the walkers found their first bridge, much to their great relief.

Many more bridges followed in quick succession

The walkers spent much time pondering about the purpose of the ancient monument they discovered near Keld, but although many suggestions were made, it's real purpose remains a mystery.

Many giant 'Yurts' were witnessed as the walkers continued on their journey.

The walkers again found an excellent location to share their Pork Pie rations

Two final bridges were discovered before the walkers arrived at their lunchtime destination - 'The Farmers' in Muker

Much merrymaking was heard in The Farmers, as the walkers enjoyed ale with the portions of chips


Chip Score:    Three bowls of homemade chips.

Weather:     Light rain at the beginning, becoming better during the day

Walkers:     Cliff, Paul, Ed, Alan, Kevin, John and Colin

ASKRIGG WALK - 15th September 2018

An excellent turnout of 10 walkers arrived at the small car park in Thornton Rust, ready for Cliff's Bacon & Sausage butties (without egg).

Within yards of setting off they suspected that the first bridge had been stolen, but bravely continued through the difficult waters.

The walkers were proud of their excellent progress, but were yet to locate any bridges.

The walkers gathered on what they considered to be their first bridge, but although water was flowing beneath, as can be seen on the right, was of a questionable design.

Was Paul looking for bridges or did he have other matters on his mind?

The Pork Pie stop was most welcome, as indivdual pies were handed out to the hungry walkers.

Two bridges were discovered before the walkers started to hunt for their lunchtime destination in Askrigg

All the walkers, except Tom, spotted the
village of Askrigg ahead of them.



The Crown Inn was a welcome sight
in a very quiet Askrigg village

Giant bowls of chips accompanied the Black Sheep ale in the Crown Inn, where the walkers made much merriment.

One last giant bridge was negotiated
by the walkers headed back to Thornton

The walkers were pleased to arrive safely
back at their cars after what was agreed
to be a very enjoyable day's walking

Chip Score:    Three giant bowls of excellent good value homemade chips.

Weather:     An overcast, but pleasant walking day, with just a little rain during the lunchtime stop.

Walkers:     Paul (Leader), Ed, Alan, Cliff, John, Colin, Tom, Andy, Kevin and Dick

BAINBRIDGE WALK - 20th October 2018

Just five keen walkers arrived at the John's kitchen for fresh butties, before being transported at high speed to Bainbridge, where they set off on their different and rather non standard walk.

The walkers set off in anticipation, stopping briefly on the first bridge.  They soon follow the River Bain in the direction of Semer Water

The walkers were unsure about the status of the next bridges, although it was confirmed that they both met the required criteria

Great respect was shown by the local residents, as the walkers passed by

The walkers stop briefly to admire the ruins of Stalling Busk Church with Semer Water in the distance

To celebrate their success so far, the walkers enjoy a well deserved 'Pie Stop'

On trudged the walkers in search of further bridges

The final bridges were conquered, as the walkers returned to Bainbridge for transportation to their final destination - The Aysgarth Falls Hotel

The walkers were jubilant at completing the walk and celebrated with separate baskets of chips with excellent ale.

Chip Score:    Separate 'baskets' of good quality chips, but expensive!

Weather:     Very wet and rainy conditions

Walkers:     Paul, Tom, John, Colin & Alan plus lunchtime only visitor Simon

RAMSGILL WALK - 17th November 2018

Five walkers arrived at Ramsgill, parking close to the Yorke Arms.  Without the benefit of Bacon Butties, they set off towards Lofthouse, ultimately attempting to locate Scar House Reservoir.

Confusion occurs as the walkers are unable to locate the footpath to Thwaite House

Quickly they locate a bridge and gain sufficient strength to continue

The route remains long with many steep climbs and few bridges

A pie stop gathers further strength allowing for the walkers to continue in the direction of Scar House Reservoir.

Eventually their goal comes into sight as they see the giant dam of Scar House Reservoir swirling in the mists

The walkers are relieved to reach the dam and rest admiring the very substantial structure.


The walkers cross the dam heading uphill yet again towards their planned lunchtime stop at Middlesmoor 

The walkers are shocked at the low level of water in the reservoir

The walkers arrived at the Crown Hotel in Middlesmoor and despite the very rude publican, they enjoyed ale and chips, before tackling the last stage of their journey back to their cars at Ramsgill  


Chip Score:    Separate plates of very chunky homemade chips

Weather:     Damp & Misty

Walkers:     Sean (Leader), John, Colin, Alan & Kevin

CHRISTMAS WALK - 30th December 2018

A grand turnout of 10 keen walkers were dropped off at the traditional lay-by south of Leyburn, pausing briefly to consume Cliff's excellent Bacon, Sausage and Egg butties, before heading in the direction of Wensley.

The walkers continued, passing Bolton Hall and stopping briefly on Lords Bridge for the statutory group photo

Ed was very proud of his find on the Middleham Gallops, of an Ordnance Survey Trig Point.  As we all know, the man responsible for the trig pillar was of course, Brigadier Martin Hotine. Born in 1898 in Wandsworth, London, Hotine became head of the Trigonometrical and Levelling Division at OS.

A change in route took the walkers over Hullo Bridge

Tom became impatient when the walkers had a moment of indecision regarding the correct route to Cover Bridge. 

Tom carefully observed the remaining walkers as they negotiated the last style of the walk, showing his normal caring nature.

The walkers all agreed that Cliff's Pork and Pheasant pie was the best yet, with 2 large bowls of chips and lashings of Timothy Taylors and Theakston ale.   A good time was had by all before being collected by Taxi at 4:30pm


Chip Score:     Two generous bowls of high quality chips.

Pie Score:     Cliff's best ever Pork & Pheasant Pie 

Weather:     Damp and wet conditions

Walkers:     Cliff, Paul, Tom, Ed, Dick, John, Andy, Colin, Alan & Simon




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