Walking Diary 2003


Distance 17.1 miles - Pateley Bridge Loop via Middlesmoor and Lofthouse.

Left Pateley Bridge at 8-45am stopping at the Crown in Middlesmoor and at Clive's in Lofthouse.

Weather:  Misty early morning turning into a sunny spring day better during the afternoon..

Walkers: Ron, Neil, Alan J, Alan E, Clifford & Peter 

WENSLEYDALE WANDER - Saturday 26th April

Organised walk from Leyburn in support of the  "Rotary Club of Wensleydale"

Started in Leyburn @ 9.00am then to > Preston-under-Scar > Redmire > West Witton >  Pen Hill > Hullo Bridge > East Witton > Coverbridge > Spennithorne > back to Leyburn.

Total distance 22 miles.

Mainly flat, with just one slog  part way up Pen Hill and a bit of a hill back into Leyburn.  Hot Dogs provided by the gallops and Baked Potato meal at the end.  Two pints of Black Sheep enjoyed at the Coverbridge Inn. 

Weather:  Although raining the day before and threatening rain in the afternoon, it turned out to be a sunny and hot day and very dry underfoot.

Walkers: Neil "Organiser", Ron, Alan E, & Colin        (plus about 200 others)

NEWTONDALE TRAIL - Saturday 25th October 

Distance: 16.4 miles (Measured) - Pickering to Grosmont, via Goathland.  Lunch stop at "The Birch Hall Inn" Beck Hole. Train back to Pickering

Left Pickering at 08-25.  Arrived Birch Hall Inn at 13:45.  Caught the 16:50 from Grosmont back to Pickering.

Weather:  Cold, but dry crisp winter day, Sunny at times.  Rain started during the lunch stop and for a short time afterwards.

Walkers: Ron,  Neil,  Alan E.   Guest lunchtime visit by Smithy, Jim, Bernard and Baz.

KILBURN LOOP - Sat 22nd November

Distance:  22 miles

Started at Kilburn 8-30am, up the side of the White Horse at Sutton Bank, on to High Paradise, cross country to Hawnby, along Rye Dale to Rievaulx Abbey, mainly road to Scawton for a late lunch stop at "The Hare" and then via a forest route back to Kilburn.

Weather: Still cold winter day.  Rain threatened, but never arrived

Walkers: Ron,  Neil,  Alan E.

COVER BRIDGE WALK -  Sat 13th December

Distance:  15 miles

Started between Middleham and Leyburn, heading through Leyburn, along "The Shawl" through Preston-under-Scar, and passing West Witton & Coverham, climbing to the Middleham Gallops and stopping at the Cover Bridge Inn for a well desired lunch stop.

Weather: Despite a poor forecast, a fine day, but slightly wet underfoot and a little windy

Walkers: Ron, Alan E, Neil & Clifford 

"THE ABERFORD AMBLE" - Monday 29th December

13 Mile loop from Aberford, via "The Greyhound" at Saxton, "The Ash Tree" at Barkston Ash (Lunch Stop), the "Crooked Billet".

Weather:  Cold but very pleasant Winter's day. 

Walkers: Ron, Alan E, Colin, Neil completed the full walk, whilst Jes, Mark, John the Train, Alan J and son with his 2 friends finished at the Crooked Billet at the 10.4mile point.  Charles joined us at the Greyhound and walked with us to the Ash Tree and there were guest appearances at the Ash Tree and Crooked Billet, by Smithy and Jim.

Click here to see the Aberford 2003 GPS route    (Acrobat Reader required)



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