Walking Diary 2001

"RON'S WALK" - Saturday 27th January     Click Here for Ron's full Walk Report

Walkers: Ron, Alan J, Bernard and Tom

Ilton, Arnagill, Fearby, Druids Temple, Ilton

Weather: Pleasant 

Distance: 11.5Mls

Saturday 10th February

Walkers: Ron, Alan J, Alan E, Bernard, Cliff, Tom and Archie

Thorton Steward Reservoir to Coverbridge Inn (Lunch) and return

Weather: Snowing in the morning, turning to rain later!! 

Distance: 8 Mls

RON'S WALK" - Saturday 18th August    

Walkers: Ron, Alan J, Alan E & Neil

Masham, Ilton, Druids Temple, Fearby (Lunch Stop), Masham (mainly road walking)

Weather: Warn (Rain threathened, but dry all day)

Distance: 13.4Mls  (Distance GPS verified)

"SUNDAY LOOP" - Sunday 26th August    (The first loop since 24th May 1998!!!)

Local Sunday Wetherby, Harewood, Kirby Overblow, Spofforth Loop
A confirmation walk to check access.  Mostly OK, very overgrown, some fields with stock. 
One barbed wire fence and one electric fence to encounter.  But no closed signs.  

Walkers: Colin, Alan E

Distance: 17.5Mls Weather: Sunny (Distance almost GPS verified, except for battery failure)

"THE NEWTONDALE TRAIL" - Saturday 27th October 2001

A shortened version of the walk this year starting from Levisham, as the last train leaving Grosmont left at 2:50pm. 11.6 Miles a lunch stop at "The Birch Hall Inn" Beck Hole and the train back to Pickering

Weather: Dry all day, but very muddy

"THE ABERFORD AMBLE" - Friday 28th December 2001

14 Mile loop from Aberford, via "The Greyhound" at Saxton, "The Ash Tree" at Barkston Ash (Lunch Stop), the "Crooked Billet".

17 walkers started at Aberford, including Ron, Cliff, Neil, Smithy, Alan J + 2 sons, Bernard, Jonathon, Christopher, Raymond, Mark, Alan E, Colin & John (The train),   Charles & Andy joined the walk at The Greyhound.  However, only 5 completed the full route by walking the final section from the Crooked Billet back to Aberford.   Some cheating was noted by a certain member between the Greyhound and the Crooked Billet.

Stirrup Cup refreshments provided on-route by Jim and his driver Barry.

Weather: Dry all day, but very cold and muddy.  High winds during the morning.



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