26th June - 10th July 2010


The intrepid and fearless crew having successfully completed the feared Ribble Link in April have set themselves another testing expedition, as follows:

They left Napton (Near Rugby) on Saturday 26th June taking the Grand Union to Kingswood Junction, there turning onto the rarely used Stratford Canal, they travelled its entire length to join the River Avon.  They were then swept downstream along the Avon towards and into the giant River Severn at Tewkesbury.  Making the difficult turn there they reached Gloucester, where they explored the historic docks.   Leaving Gloucester they battled upstream all the way to Stourport, there joining the canal system again to make their way past Wolverhampton.  Due to vandalism on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal they changed their route to travel the Trent & Mersey Canal necessary to divert around the closed canal.  On Wednesday 7th July, they managed to rejoin their original route down the Coventry Canal to wind their way back to Rugby and the safety of the boatyard. 

The adventure begins:

Saturday 26th June (Hot and Sunny all Day)


Sunday 27th June (Gloriously Hot and Sunny all Day)

Monday 28th June (Another Gloriously Hot and Sunny day)


Tuesday 29th June (After the rain in the night another Hot and Sunny day, but with a breeze)


Wednesday 30th June (Yet another Hot and Sunny day, after a slow start)


Thursday 1st July (Cloudy to start, but turning into a hot afternoon with a hint of rain around teatime)


Friday 2nd July (Rain overnight, dull to start, but warmed up into a fine day)

Saturday 3rd July (Yet another fine warm, sunny and hot day)

Sunday 4th July (Cloudy but warm - a good cruising day.  Sunny in the late afternoon)

Monday 5th July (Sunny and warm with a few clouds)

Tuesday 6th July (Sunny and warm with a few clouds)

Wednesday 7th July (Warm and cloudy, with rain expected in the afternoon)

Thursday 8th July (Spots of rain in the morning, but turning into a hot and sunny afternoon)

Friday 9th July (Yet another fine hot and sunny day)

Saturday 10th July (Another fine hot and sunny day)


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