CP13 Open Competition Rules                  Winners of the CP13 Competition  

  1. Biggest Divot Awarded by Baz:
    1. This competition will cover the entire period of Center Parcs 13.
    2. Due regard must be taken of the quality and completeness of the divot.
    3. The distance the divot travelled should also be taken into account.
    4. At least two other members of CP13 shall attest to the competition Note this competition could be judged to fall into the open category.
  2. Overall Worst Golfer of the Week Awarded this year by AJ to:
    1. The person with the newest and least used Golf Clubs
    2. The maximum number of late arrivals for golf competitions.
    3. The person with the greatest reluctance to play golf at all.
    4. Even to the person who plays the least golf all week
  3. Bob the Bunkers Daily Handicap Competition:
    1. A daily 9 Hole Handicap competition is open to all CP 13 golfers on payment of 1. Note this payment is a one off entry fee and only covers play at Center Parcs.
    2. The initial round will be scored using a players formal handicap. Note if the player does not have a formal handicap that handicap will be decided mutually by the members of the Old Farts Golf Society it should be noted however in the event no agreement can be reached, Bob the Bunker (The Birdie Bandit) will allot a handicap to said player.
    3. The winner of each nine hole round scored on their net number of stokes will have their handicap decreased by three stokes, the first runner up by two strokes, and the second runner up by one stroke.
    4. The winner of the final nine hole round will be awarded 60% of the kitty as collected in 2.1, and the first runner up 30% and the second runner up 20%.
  4. Best Hat Awarded by Cris:.
    1. To comply with EU regulations and to avoid any sexual discrimination, this is an open competition.
    2. The competition will be judged by Cris and his (unbiased) decision will be final.
  5. Best Excuse awarded by Cris:
    1. To comply with EU regulations and sex as above, this is an open competition.
    2. The competition will be judged by Cris and his (unbiased) decision will be final.

Note It is understood Cris enjoys a good bottle of Port


General Rules of Competition:

In the event of a tie, an argument, shouting, or drinking and gut barging contest will decide the winner.

Disputes regarding interpretation of the rules will be settled by general disagreement only after each member of the society or CP13 has drunk the equivalent of four pints of beer.

No decision shall be final.


and remember Bob the Bunker says "Play Organic Golf"

Bob the Bunker (The Birdie Bandit) 30th March 2002