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Old Farts Golf Society

CP Golf Competition Rules - supplemental


  1. Score Cards:
    1. All score cards shall be clearly marked with the correct date and time.
    2. All score cards will clearly record each players name. Initials will not be accepted by the Handicap Committee and will result in that whole card being disregarded – tough on all the players but you try sorting out who is who from M, C, or K !!
    3. The marker must be clearly shown on the card.
    4. A players handicap may be influenced by the neatness and legibility of the whole score card – see 1.2.



  2. Handicaps:
    1. Handicaps will be calculated using an ancient formula, passed down to the Handicap Committee through many generations, and shrouded in secrecy.
    2. A players handicap as awarded by the Handicap Committee is not subject to appeal.
    3. Disagreement will cause the complainant’s handicap to be decreased by an arbitrary number.
    4. The Handicap Committee will consist of whoever the Golf Captain (Bob the Bunker) thinks fit.
    5. The Handicap Committee are open to bribes.





Bob the Bunker (The Birdie Bandit) 15th April 2002