16th - 20th April 2010


The intrepid and fearless crew have completed their latest and most dangerous mission yet on the Narrowboat "Stealth".  On Saturday they successfully completed the transfer of the boat from the landlocked Lancaster Canal to the safety of the Leeds Liverpool canal (Rufford Arm) by taking the boat out into the fast running tidal Ribble Estuary towards the ocean, managing to make the nearly impossible turn to gain entry into the River Douglas Estuary.  The manoeuvre enabled them to reach the giant sea lock at Tarleton thereby gaining access to the safety of the Leeds Liverpool Canal.  On Monday they reached their goal by reaching Wigan Pier against all odds.  The latter part of the expedition was plagued by cold and windy conditions, but the crew successfully delivered the narrowboat to the St Mary's Boatyard and Marina completely on schedule. 


Friday 16th April  (Sunny  all Day)


Saturday 17th April (Another Sunny Day)


Sunday 18th April (Cloudy with a little sun)


Monday 19th April (Overcast and very cold)


Tuesday 20th April (Overcast, cold with high winds)


The crew knew that their next adventure was due to start in the last week of June and secretly started their planning.


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