21st June - 1st July 2008


The very skilled and intrepid crew have confirmed the extra 3 days of their adventure, which will now last until Tuesday 1st July.  Alan has devised a cunning route to test the crew to their very limits.  The route will be some 173.5 miles long, including 192 locks and their chances of success is far from certain.   The never attempted before route is to be known as "The Giant East Midlands Ring".  Click here to see the master plan of their route.

Saturday 21st June (light drizzle during the afternoon ) Sunday 22nd June (a pleasant day with some sunshine, but very windy)


As can be seen, considerable effort was required to operate the large paddles of these locks.
Monday 23rd June (warm and sunny and the wind has dropped) Tuesday 24th June (a beautiful sunny day)


Wednesday 25th June (another beautiful sunny day, but with an occasional short shower and strong wind)


Thursday 26th June (another sunny day, clouding over later with some wind)


Friday 27th June (a sunny morning, but rather cold to start)

Saturday 28th June (a sunny and hot day)


Sunday 29th June (Warm with some sun in the morning with heavy rain showers in the afternoon)


Monday 30th June (Hot and Sunny all day)

1st July (Another hot and sunny day)


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