2005 Project


Started on Bank Holiday Saturday 28th May 2005



Progress at the end of the Bank Holiday

30th May 2005

10 Tons of blocks are delivered during the week and carried by hand to the rear of the house.

This takes two evenings!!




Relaxing after the drain has been installed and the soak- away dug 

(5th June 2005)



11th June 2005


Whilst the old tarmac is removed some old crazy paving is uncovered, which has been covered since 1975

All the tarmac and paving removed by the end of Sunday 12th June


Early on Monday 20th June the digger moves in !!!




By just after lunch 30 tons of earth has been removed


By the 26th June 13 tons of crushed rock have been spread and "wackered" down.


The block laying started on the 3rd July for 3 weekends




The drive finished on 
Saturday 23rd July 2005


The finishing touches added on the 31st July  (Wings):



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