1st - 8th September 2007


Saturday 1st September (warm, but overcast)

Sunday 2nd September (overcast with brief drizzle, turning into persistent rain in the afternoon)

Monday 3rd September (sunny and warm all day)

The Narrowboat "Carol" ready to leave her moorings


Part of Castlefield Basin

Tuesday 4th September (another warm and sunny day)

Wednesday 5th September (damp and overcast in the morning, but getting better)

Thursday 6th September (overcast in the morning, but really hot in the afternoon)

Friday 7th September (cloudy most of the day, but with some sunshine around midday)

Alan's Original Plan"

In order to have any chance of completing this dangerous mission, Alan worked out a plan in advance.  As it is very ambitious, it was considered that only a skilled crew could achieve this tortuous route, although they are acutely aware that any slippage of this plan could spell disaster!!!! 

Depart the boatyard heading northwards on the Trent & Mersey, turning onto the Bridgewater Canal after the Preston Brook tunnel (1,239 yds).  Continue to overnight at either Higher Walton or Stockton Heath.  (7 mls, 1 lock & 3.25 hrs)

Continue on the Bridgewater canal, past the Thelwall Viaduct, adjacent to the Manchester Ship Canal to cruise through Lymm. Continue past Sale, turning onto the Rochdale Canal near Stretford.  Moor near Castlefield junction for a night in the centre of Manchester. (19.5 mls, 0 locks & 6.75 hrs)

MONDAY: (Long Day)
Travel through the heart of Manchester City ensuring that the well hidden turn is made into Ashton Canal at Piccadilly basin.  Passing the Manchester Stadium and National Cycling Centre to Pass through Dukinfield, where it is hoped to meet Sharon (from Colin's works).  Another dangerous turn into the Peak Forest Canal is to be made at Ashton-under-Lyne, where after passing Stalybridge and Hyde an overnight stop is planned by Bridge 14 at Romiley. (15 mls, 27 locks & 10.5 hrs)
TUESDAY: (Easier Day)
Continue down the Marple flight of locks (16) and along the Whaley Bridge arm to overnight in the historic Bugsworth basins (8 mls, 16 locks & 5.75 hrs)
Return along the Whaley Bridge arm to turn into the Macclesfield Canal at Marple.  Then heading though the Cheshire countryside past the Mill towns of Bollington and Macclesfield to overnight at Oakgrove. (19 mls, 0 locks & 7.25 hrs)
Continue southwards descending the 11 Bosley Locks on route past Congleton to reach the end of the Macclesfield Canal.  After making the dangerous turns onto the Trent & Mersey at Kidsgrove, the narrowboat will descend more locks to arrive at Rode Heath for the overnight stop. (16.5 mls, 25 locks & 8.5 hrs)
FRIDAY: (Long Day)
Continue northwards descending more locks , passing Sandbach and Middlewich, to travel through the Cheshire countryside, eventually arriving at Anderton where the crew hope to gaze at the wonders of the historic Anderton Lift.  Mooring for the night shortly afterwards at Barnton, but before the Barnton Tunnel.  (19 mls, 23 locks & 11 hrs)
A short journey back to the boatyard at Acton Bridge to hand back the narrowboat and commence their journey to their homes. (3 mls, 0 locks & 1 hr)


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