25th June - 2nd July 2016

The intrepid narrowboating crew of international fame, are setting off on yet another adventure into the unknown this Saturday 25th June.  Against advise, they are going to attempt a reverse anticlockwise transverse of the Warkwickshire Ring with an dangerous diversion onto a section of the rarely used Stratford Canal.   A total of 119 locks must be operated on their journey of 103.5 miles in just one week!!   The crew chose to ignore advise about avoiding such obstacles as the Hillmorton Locks, Fazeley Junction and the 39 locks on the section into Birmingham beneath the mighty M6 Spaghetti Junction.   The flight of 21 giant double locks, on the Grand Union Canal, known as "The Hatton Flight" will need to be conquered before they can reach their destination, breaking even more records in the world of Extreme Narrowboating.


Saturday 25th June  (Sunny, but some showers at times)


Sunday 26th June  (Sunny and warm at first but turning cold and overcast later)


Monday 27th June  (Sunny and warm most of the morning, but very hard rain in the afternoon)


Tuesday 28th June  (A cloudy day, but with some sun, but ending in heavy rain for much of the afternoon)

Wednesday 29th June  (A damp day with heavy and prolonged rain in the afternoon)


Thursday 30th June  (A lovely sunny day in the morning, becoming overcast in the afternoon)


Friday 1st July  (A sunny warm day, becoming overcast in the afternoon, with a short burst of rain early evening)

Saturday 2nd July  (A sunny morning becoming overcast with some rain later)


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