7th - 14th September 2013


The Intrepid and brave trio, Alan and Ron with Neil in his milk bottle, again plan to test their skills against some of Britain's feared inland waterways.  This time, they felt that the infamous River Nene travelling eastwards across Britain from Northampton to the Wash requires conquering.   The Black Prince boatyard in Napton (south of Rugby) are making available a 58ft narrowboat for the expedition, especially fitted out with the necessary safety equipment for such a dangerous mission.

Knowing the incredible distances that the crew will have to travel, the boatyard has arranged for the narrowboat to be available extra early, for a 12:30 departure.  The crew know that they will be required to reach Braunston that afternoon, negotiate the 6 double locks and the traverse the entire length of Braunston Tunnel (2,042 yds), before nightfall !!!!

As always, success is far from guaranteed, but the crew are yet again prepared to 'Give it their All !!!'


Saturday 7th September (Although Rain threatened it turned out to be a sunny and warm day)

Sunday 8th September (Mainly sunny, but some rain in the early afternoon)

Monday 9th September (Rain most of the morning, getting better during the afternoon)

ay 10th September (Cloudy sun most of the day with a couple of light showers later on)

Wednesday 11th September (Cloudy and dull in the morning turning into light rain in the late afternoon)


Thursday 12th September (Damp and overcast in the morning, but becoming warm and pleasant in the afternoon)



Friday 13th September (Rain in the early morning, then the rain set in from mid afternoon all evening and night)

          THE END


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