3rd - 10th September 2011


The Intrepid Crew, Neil, Ron and Alan after bearing almost 8 weeks on land were becoming restless and are desperate to test their narrowboating skills even further.  Despite being warned against it, they plan to attempt to reach the most northerly part of the English canal system.  "Yes - the infamous Ripon Canal".   Cran has kindly agreed to make the 'Stealth' narrowboat available to the brave crew and they plan to board it on Saturday where it is currently moored at Kildwick near Skipton.

To reach their destination their will have to negotiate the Bingley 5 rise and Bingley 3 staircase locks, travel through the heart of Leeds, passing 2 giant power stations to join the dangerous tidal Ouse at Selby.  From here, god willing, they will attempt to travel northward eventually reaching York and Boroughbridge, before joining the Ripon Canal.

Again success is far from guaranteed, but the crew in their characteristic bold adventuresome are prepared to 'Give it their All !!!'


Saturday 3rd September (Bright at first with spots of rain later on)


Sunday 4th September (Cloudy but dry with occasional sunshine)


Monday 5th September (Some rain during the day, with high winds at times, but with occasional sunshine later)


Tuesday 6th September (Gale forced winds during the night and all day with some light rain)


Wednesday 7th September (Rain during the morning, but the high winds seem to have subsided)


Thursday 8th September (Rain at times through the heavy at times, but sunny intervals later)


Friday 9th September (A splendid sunny and warm day)


Saturday 10th September (Light rain in the morning)


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