22nd June - 6th July 2012


The brave crew, Neil, Alan and Ron of "Extreme Narrowboating" fame, were becoming worried that after 9 months on shore their intrepidness may have been fading.  They therefore set about planning an expedition to prove to themselves and the world that they are indeed still the most brave and intrepid narrowboaters yet.
The crew ignored advise offered by other hardened narrowboaters and chose a route deemed "impossible" by many consultant narrowboaters.  The authorities however, forbid them to navigate their narrowboat between Ellesmere Port and Anderton via the direct route, that would have taken them along the Manchester Ship Canal, the River Weaver and the Anderton Lift, avoiding massive Oil Tankers on route.  Instead they elected to start their journey at Acton Bridge travelling down the Trent and Mersey Canal through the Harecastle Tunnel to attempt the entire length of the Caldon Canal in the faint hope of reaching Froghall and maybe even Leek.
Weather permitting the crew might attempt the entire length of the Shropshire Union and then taking the little used and dangerous Chester and Ellesmere Port link.  If they succeed (and many have failed) they will attempt to navigate the infamous "Middlewich Arm" to try and reach the Anderton Boat Lift (http://www.andertonboatlift.co.uk), which will drop them 60ft onto the fast flowing River Weaver.  However they are only too conscious that their 70ft narrowboat maybe too heavy for the ancient machinery.

Again success is far from guaranteed, but the crew are yet again prepared to 'Give it their All !!!'


Friday 22nd June (Rain, Rain & getting better in the afternoon)


Saturday 23rd June (Dry and sunny, with an occasional shower)


Sunday 24th June (Damp with light rain at times)


Monday 25th June (A bit cold and overcast at first, but turned into a hot and sunny afternoon)


Tuesday 26th June (Warm with sun at first, but becoming overcast later in the day)


Wednesday 27th June (Warm and dry, turning really hot in the afternoon and evening)


Thursday 28th June (Heavy Rain and Thunder during the morning, but turning better later)


Friday 29th June (Dull with a few drops of rain, followed by hot sunshine for the rest of the day, but quite breezy)


Saturday 30th June (A sunny and hot day, with a bit of a breeze, with a few sharp showers)


Sunday 1st July (A mainly sunny and warm day with no rain until very late in the evening)


Monday 2nd July (A dull day with a lot of rain)


Tuesday 3rd July (A warm, but dull day, with no rain!!)


Wednesday 4th July (A warm, but dull day, with a little rain!!)


Thursday 5th July (A very hot and sunny day)


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